About us


In 2009, the company Pengolin was established. It focused on the production and marketing of anti-insect gear and apparel for dogs and horses. Our anti-insect product lines quickly expanded from Horse Armor blankets and Dog Armor coats to horse leg wraps, horse head masks, dog blankets and dog beds.

Dog beds
Soon it turned out that the Dog Armor dog beds became not only popular because of their anti-insect functionality but also because of the lazy comfort they provide. As a result we received more and more requests to start a product line dedicated to the exact same beds but without anti-insect coating for use by dogs that do not experience insect problems. And so, sister brand Dog Amore was born.

Dog Amore dog beds are similar to Dog Armor dog beds with the exception of the anti-insect coating. Your dog will still get the same comfortable, lazy, relaxing durability that you are used to from Dog Armor in both style and functionality.

Lazy Comfort
Find out more about the Dog Amore world and your favorite Dog Amore bed. It’s time to discover the Lazy Comfort of Dog Amore!