The Dog Amore Ruggedbed is a comfortable bean bag type of dog bed with a water repellent cover and polystyrene bead filling.

Doggy 0012 orange webIf you like a comfortable, strong and water repellent dog bed the Ruggedbed is the bedding for your dog. The Ruggedbed may be wiped clean with a moist cloth and a mild soap or the cover can be removed and machine washed. The high-quality water repellent cover makes the bed suitable for use indoor or outdoor and the soft polystyrene beads filling ensure a lazy comfort. Because the bed easily adjusts while your dog is changing position it’s great for relaxing the body’s pressure points. The Ruggedbed is available in various colors and in five sizes from Extra Small to Extra Large.

Key features of the Dog Amore Ruggedbed:

• Water repellent outer cover with zipper closing for easy removal of inner bag and laundering
• Inner bag with filling
• Filling consists of top quality virgin polystyrene beads for optimum comfort
• Zipper in inner mesh bags allows refilling of beads if necessary
• Available in wide variety of colors
• Five sizes from Extra Small to Extra Large.

Outer cover fabric
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The fabric of the Dog Amore Ruggedbed cover is knitted of high quality polyester yarns. The polyester yarns are coated with PVC which makes the cover water-resistant. The outer cover may be removed from the inner cover by opening a zipper on the bottom side of the bed, for easy cleaning, washing or maintenance.

Inner cover fabric
The inner cover is designed to hold the fillings of the Dog Amore Ruggedbed. It is made of a lightweight fabric and closable with a zipper. This allows you to easily take out the dog bed filling if you wish to wash the outer cover.

Polystyrene filling
The polystyrene beads give the Dog Amore Ruggedbed its squishy resilience while making it super comfortable for your dog to lie down on.

Dogs like to nest in something soft, just like people do. Ruggedbeds are soft and flexible enough to let a dog “carve out” its own snuggle space in the cover material while the filling ensures that the bed molds around the dog for a comfortable, secure fit.

IMG_4265 webThe virgin polystyrene beads in the Dog Amore Ruggedbed are perfectly round, smooth pellets that shift easily around each other because they are of similar size. They also keep their shape better and longer than reground beads, preventing the dog bed from flattening prematurely.