The most important aspect in selecting a suitable dog bed is comfort. You want to be sure your dog can sleep and move comfortably in his bed. Dogs like to nest in something soft, just like people do. Dog Amore dog beds are soft and flexible enough to let your dog “carve out” his own snuggle space in the polyester cover material stuffed with top quality virgin polystyrene beans, while the bed molds around your dog for a comfortable, secure fit. This allows optimum contact between the dog and the anti-insect dog bed fabric.

That’s exactly why the beanbag style Dog Amore dog beds are made super comfortable for your dog to lie down on while the polystyrene beads give the beds their relaxing shifty, squishy resilience.

Closely related to comfort is dog bed size. It’s important to choose the right size bed. Especially beds that are too small tend to be less comfortable.

There are several things to take into consideration when choosing a Dog Amore dog bed size, such as how your dog likes to sleep; if he likes to sleep curled or if he likes to stretch out. If your dog is still growing you need to determine the estimated size when fully grown. In any case, make sure the bed is large enough to fit your dog while he’s outstretched. As a general rule, the bigger bed, the better. There are two simple ways to determine the proper Dog Amore Dog bed size:

1) In case your dog is fully grown, measure your dog from nose to onset of the tail as he is lying down, then add 12 cm (5 inches) if he likes to sleep stretched out. Pick the next biggest size pet bed for that measurement.

2) Chose the right size bed from the Dog Amore breed and size guidelines. Please note that not all breeds in the world are listed. If your breed is not listed in the table, you may want to do an internet search on your breed’s size or contact the breeder. Also note that the below guidelines are approximations. When in doubt it is always better to go with the next size up.

Dog Amore dog beds are available in the following sizes:


The following tables provide a guideline to determine the proper size Dog Amore dog bed:

Extra small size bed (XS)


Small size bed (S)


Medium size bed (M)


Large size bed (L)


Extra large size bed (XL)